Co – Principal Investigator

Dr. Halidou Compaore

Dr. Compaore obtained his Ph.D in 2001 from the Centre for Development Research, University of Bonn, Germany. He is a Geographer at the Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System, Agricultural Research Institute- INERA, Burkina Faso and is currently the Deputy Director at INERA – Kamboinse. His areas of research include land classification and remote sensing techniques in water management, influence of “human disturbance” on ecosystem functionality of water recycling, etc. He has great interest in combining remote sensing data, field measurements with process-based and hydrological modelling. He has rich experience in collaborative research and has successfully executed the following projects along with other scientists locally and internationally:

  • Mapping Potential Zones of Biomass production- INERA-IBE project
  • Natural resources management Project in Bazega Province, INERA-BAD
  • Assessment of shortwave infrared band TM5 for crop and natural vegetation discrimination in Burkina Faso/ SPOT-4 MIR Project, INERA-CIRAD
  • Migration Pioneer Front Project Southern western Burkina Faso, INERA-CIRAD

He has published extensively in reputable journals. Email:





PMB, Agric Engineering, KNUST

Ashanti Region, Ghana



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